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Size Guide

Our signature banded top makes for the most comfortable sock you will ever wear but please make sure to get the correct size for maximum comfort.

The sock is one size fits all however the elastic top comes in small, medium or large.

Please use the following guides to check your size:

Quick Reference:

Shoe Size (0-7.5) Sock size (Small)

Shoe size (8-10.5) Sock size (Medium)

Shoe size (11+) Sock size (Large)


If you would like the perfect fit or know you have an unusual calf to feet size ratio, then please grab a tape measure and measure around your calf about 22cm up your leg (measured from floor) then pick the size using the measurements below.

Small : Below 24cm in circumference.

Medium : 24-27cm in circumference.

Large : Above 27cm in circumference.